Myth is final out... Learn more about Moe Norman, the real story

You may be wondering why I should have a Moe Norman page on my Website, when the book I’m promoting is about acquiring a first class conventional golf swing. I’m submitting a segment from the book that will answer that question.


I wondered if I could settle down and start playing golf again and enjoy my now first class golf swing. When you have been searching for something most of your life and you find it, what then? Exactly! Reality sunk in when I realized I had nothing to go out to my practice hut to work on. It got to me there was no more to develop, no more to tinker with, no more to get excited about, nothing else to do, but just play golf and practice my now first class golf swing. It was a state of affairs I couldn’t handle.


With an attitude and a mindset that had no conventional boundaries I asked myself is there any other way to strike the little white ball other than with the conventional golf swing? Certainly there was another way to strike the little white ball; I had been looking at it practically every night on my bedside TV for the last two and a half decades.

What I had been looking at was the golf action of the great Canadian golfer Moe Norman. It was his action I would analyze over and over again and again last thing every night, in an effort to understand his secret. And a secret it was at the time and a secret it still is. Yes! I know there are all sorts of people out there in the unconventional world of golf, that all claim that the great man told them his secret in the years preceding his death.He may have told them things about his swing, but I can tell you it wasn't his secret.

I believe, make that I know, Moe Norman never told anyone his secret for three reasons. First, why would he ever tell anyone his secret, when it was the only thing that got him out of bed in the morning? The fact that he knew he was the only golfer in the world that had a 365 day swing, year in year out. Or, as he would like to say,[ I’m the only golfer in the world that can get to that guy.]The second reason for not telling anyone his secret and the one I tent to lean toward,now that I know exactly what it is, could very well be that he just didn’t exactly know what it was. Anyway, no matter the reason, I know he never told anyone his secret, he only told them what he wanted to tell them.

Some of you may be thinking how can I be so sure Moe Norman never past on his secret to anyone? That’s easy to answer,and it is also the number three reason. I know his secret and I don’t see anyone out there in the world of unconventional golf, coming anywhere close to explaining his action. Nor can anyone explain[ why his legs were straight and rigged at address.][ The real reason why his arms were outstretched with the left wrist arched up at address.][ The real reason why his club head was behind the ball at addres.][ His vertical drop and the horizontal tug][Where his power came from, from such a short swing, and with his arms outstretched from his body.]But more importantly,[ I haven't seen or heard of anyone come close to explaining, what I know to be the secret.]

Yes! I understand there are lookalikes out there and teachers that teach the Moe Norman swing, but they are only teaching his fundamentals, which incidentally can’t work efficiently for the handicapper that swings the club with a golf action, if that same handicapper doesn’t know Moe Normans secret. First class golfers can certainly swing the golf club using the Moe Norman fundamentals. They will change the grip, address the ball with an ultra-wide stance, outstretch the arms and swing the club on one plane.They can still swing the club as they always do, it’s only a matter of making cosmetic changes to their first class golf swing. But and it is a very important but, they are only making a swing that looks like the Moe Norman action. Yes, an action. [Moe Norman did not swing his golf club with a golf swing; he swung his golf club with a golf action.]

The real story is about a man that wasn’t born with the gift of being able to acquire a first class golf swing. It is well documented and by his own admission, Moe Norman had a hard time breaking a hundred when in his early teens, even although he had swung a golf club from as far back as he could remember. This alone tells me he wasn’t a natural,yet he was able to find a way to make a golf action work. In my opinion he came up with a way of striking a golf ball, that is better and more efficient than the conventional golf swing.

Between my book being finished and being published there was a disappointing time lapse. I won’t go into the reasons as to the why at this time. Some times in life things happen for a reason and good things can come about in spite of the initial disappointment. The time laps let me work on a way of striking a golf ball other than that of the conventional golf swing.This is not me saying I just started working on the Moe Norman method during that time period. I have literal spent[ thousands] of hours prier to that time vewing his action on video, not to mention the equal amount of hours of thought I have given to his method. Like most Moe Norman fans that have seen the great man in person, I was mesmerised with his skills. And like every body else that has tried his method I failed, but that didnt stop me from continuing to analysing his swing.

I wasn't kidding or exaggerating when I said at the start of the page, I would view his action last thing evey night from my bedside TV. After thousands of hours viewing his action at normal speed, slow motion and frame by frame, I finely was able to detect something about his swing that was so very diferent from any other golf swing or golf action I had ever studied. I then had to try and formulate what I saw to my minds eye and make sense of it. Finally, I had to find a way to physically emulate what I was able to see in my minds eye.

I will go as far as saying at this time; I have succeeded in finding the secret behind the Moe Norman action. It is a way of striking the golf ball that is so very diferent from the conventional golf swing or for that matter, diferent from any other method of striking the golf ball that has ever been. I’m now working toward being able to explain the action and demonstrating it.

What I can say, when the secret is revealed, it will change golf forever, meaning, any one providing they are willing to put in the effort, will be able to acquire an action that is far more efficient than the modern conventional golf swing. What an exciting prospect for the ardent golfer, and it doesnt entail striking millions of golf balls to aquire the action. I have already developed learning techniques that will get you there.

Look forward to my second book, along with an instructional DVD, explaining a power source that is so very different from anything the golf world has ever known.