About the Author

My name is James Cowan the author of the book Golfs Greatest Discovery. As I’m editing this segment, I’m well into my seventy fifth year on this planet. A proud Scotsman, born and bred in Scotland; now an equally proud Canadian residing in this great country of Canada since 1977.

To be born in Scotland, especially from the era I grew up in, a small seaside resort called Saltcoats, a stone’s throw from Old Troon venue for many an Open; one was expected not only to play golf but to play it well. Although I have some memories as a child and to some extent up through my teens of using a cut down five iron to whack some old hand me down golf balls round the sand downs where I lived, I didn’t take up the game seriously until I was twenty-four or so. With the aid of golf instructional books and more books, lots of practice and a little natural talent, being single at the time certainly helped, in three years I was able to get my handicap to eight. It was a hard earned eight, as I’m not what you would call a natural or as I like to say, one of the gifted.

When I couldn’t advance my handicap below eight, that’s when my passion for the game turned more toward the need to understand why I couldn’t improve, and why millions more golfers like me can't advance their game, once they reach a certain level of play. My priorities were now such that my score became a distant second to the quality of my ball striking and then to where the quality of my ball striking became a distant second to the need for control and consistency of my swing. Although in all honestly, I can’t remember making it a conscious decision to take up that attitude. An attitude that said if I can make good contact with the ball one time, I should be able to do it all the time. A belief I have stubbornly held on too, right up until my late sixties and until I finally achieved my lifelong goal.

My discoveries just did not happen; they were born out of a lifetime of eating, sleeping and thinking golf. Volumes of literature read on golf instruction, thousands of hours viewing the swings of others and millions of balls struck. Yes indeed, it’s not a misprint {Millions} of golf balls struck. I have experimented with practically every golf swing concept ever conceived with disappointment after disappointment. And I know I’m not alone when I say I have tried everything from the conventional to the unconventional.

Every method from as far back as Tommy Armours Pugilistic Approach and his Right Hand Whip, The Square to Square Method, Swings the Thing, Gravity Golf, Swing the Handle, Jimmy Ballard’s Connection, Natural Golf, One Plane two plane Swing and many more, too numerous to mention. I even gave two and a half years of my golfing life to the Mindy Blake athletic reflex method, The Golf Swing of the Future. Then I’m not counting the secrets that we all inevitably find, I wish I had a dollar for every time I thought I had found the secret, only to realize that’s all it was, a secret I thought I had found.